Expert Hardwood Floor Repair: Show Those Floors Some Love!

If you have wood floors in your home or office, there are a number of things that can damage them and make them look old before their time. Even though certain woods can be very durable, they’re not invincible. Any hardwood floor repair you need will largely be based on what happened to the floor.

Moisture Damaged Wood Floors

Exposure to excessive moisture is one of the primary causes of wood floor damage. It could be as simple as improper care of the floor (too much water during cleaning without re-protecting your floor) to pipes bursting to something catastrophic like flooding can cause varying degrees of damage. It also depends on what kind of wood is used in the flooring. Some woods resist damage better than others.

To fix these floors, first thing we have to do is try and get the floors as dry as possible and let them set to see where the they end up. Water makes floors cup, warp and crack. So we have to let them move the way they’re going to before we can decide a plan of action. Then, we have to evaluate how badly the floor is damaged. Then, we can do something as simple as a sand down to relatively flat material and then refinish them or make a plan to replace what we need to and then resurface and finish.

But if we have to take too much material off, the wood might not have enough left to maintain integrity. Then, we need to determine what needs replacing. Obviously, if the damage is severe enough, a new floor may be your best option. Hardwood floor repair is a balancing act.

badly damaged floor needing hardwood floor repairs

Water damaged floor needing hardwood floor repair.

Simple Wear From Day-to-day Foot Traffic

This is the most common situation we face. It’s just been a while since the floor was installed and needs a refresh. This includes things like UV light damage if there are a lot of afternoon sun facing windows in the house or building. We’ll typically do a sanding and refinishing to get you back to a beautiful floor. Dedicated hardwood floor repair may not be necessary.

As an added benefit, if you do your hardwood floor repair with us, we can use a floor finish that has protection against UV damage (oil-modified polyurethanes, waterborne polyurethanes, or aluminum oxide-enhanced urethanes). We also have years of experience and can recommend particularly durable woods or engineered wood floors that can help keep your floor looking great for year to come.

We may have to get more aggressive if there is damage from things like pet claws or incorrect cleaning methods. Poor cleaning habits can sometimes be equal to medium-level water damage if the cleaning products aggressively strip the finish and end up soaking the wood below.

Vintage Hardwood Floor Repair

We’ve done repair on vintage homes where keeping the finished product looking as original as possible. Of course, there are limitations if the floor uses types of wood that are not easily source-able like old growth pine or the like. Sometimes homes have sat empty for a while and the subfloor can soak up moisture, damaging the wood floor above.

We love renovations on older homes and can help make your floors keep that nostalgic feel to them. We can also use homeowner-supplied floor materials (if they’re good quality). Contact us and find out what is possible.

Selective Hardwood Wood Floor Repairs

For a number of reasons, you may just need localized repair in specific areas of your space. We can help you match the surrounding floor with a combination of correct wood matching and creative use of stains and colored finishes. We’ve accurately matched new and old flooring materials in many homes and have the know-how to make it look like nothing ever happened.

Understand we can’t work miracles but we can and do bring all our knowledge to bear for all our clients. We can repair flooring in different problem areas. Contact us to talk about your wood floor repair needs. No job is too difficult for us.