Floor Sanding and Refinishing

No matter what kind of hardwood floor type you have, Palmetto Floor Sanding has the experience to make it look like new. Customers in need of a floor sander in Greenville, SC whether it’s solid wood, plank, strip flooring or parquet flooring, we have you covered. We have restored early 1930s heart pine flooring as well as highly customized patterned flooring and everything in between.

We know the best approaches for bringing new life to mistreated floors. We can work with you to change the color of a floor to better match a new color scheme in a renovation. In addition, we can give you the finish you want, be it glossy or matte or anything in between.

Contact us for a complete quote. We can get you a quote in as little as a day after we inspect the job area. Call (864) 386-2154 now.